Partners & Sponsors of The Bradfield Club

Fusion was formed in February, 2005 after breaking away from Buckmaster Taekwondo and is continually building a reputation for excellence locally, nationally and internationally. The club which trains regularly at the Bradfield Club, Peckham was founded by: David Gale, Michael Georgiou, Clare Smith, Craig Brown & Delroy Hanson.

Mashufaa was developed for defense not aggression, and as a result teaches as one of its principle tenants: self discipline, leading to self-awareness and self-confidence. The balance of practical self-defense and intense aerobic training allows for a rounded system that is designed to test your character, will and determination.

Key Benefits of Mashufaa:
Improved fitness; mental and physical discipline; improved self confidence; better poise and posture; improved well-being.

Note: Regularly training helps to oxygenate the blood, which better equips the body to fight disease. Training and exercise, supported by a good diet, decreases your chances of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.